Janice Kohles


love= Red Roses

The image of this rose just screamed love and Valentines to me.  I colored the rose with the new Stampin Up blendablities. what wonderful makers and true to life images  they help create.


Moose- Alaska Themed

Still creating Alaska themed cards, here is a walk into the wild, what a fitting stamp name huh? who doesn’t love a moose. just amazing animals.


More friends

So like i said I have so many people I could give this saying too. So I decided to make a few more using this set today… I knocked out a few but I will...



Friends are always there for you no matter when the last time you talked. Picking up the phone is great when you can talk to some one like you never put it down no...


Alaska Themed Cards

So i was asked to make a few Alaska themed cards, well SO many moments of living here are my favorite. But one of the most spectacular time we had was whale watching. We...


Wanna play doctor???

I laughed so hard when I saw this stamp… this is just so funny. I do have to say I did think a second bout making a card… seems kinda dirty, but the silliness...


Wood you be mine?????

I told you this would pop up again… still thinking of ideas to use this set. There are so many fun stamps in this set. Love the ax and split tree….  

IMG_2982 (1)

To the moon and back!!

I love this saying, I remember buying my husband the book How Much I Love You, and then my wonderful friend always tells me this when she misses me. So making this card just had...


Valentines is fast approaching…

For the next few days I will be focused on Valentines cards, so you may see the same stamp set used over and over. The wood you be mine, has become my favorite. This...